Gun Violence In America

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Gun violence has been a popular and controversial issue in the United State for a long time. Many people dead by gun violence every day. People get hurt by gun more than get protected from gun. Here are three primary importance reasons which cause uninterruptible gun violence. There are lacking of strict gun-control policy, glorifying the violence of firearms, and potential dangerous people with tendency of violence. In the article “Why more guns won’t make us safer” the author points out that because of lacking strict gun-control policy in America result of a higher rate of homicide compared to other developed countries. The author argue against Sam Harris’s statement that firearm can protect good man and women. However, the reality dose not show what Sam said. What is the percentage that a man or women actually using a gun protect themselves? The statistic in real life show that using firearms create death 12 times than using other…show more content…
In the article the author Dariusz Dziewanski claims that popular culture image can lead young people to believe that guns can lead to a affluence and power. A February 2008 Statistics Canada report points that more and more youth are using guns when acts of violence crime. Christian Pearce is the co-author of the the book Enter the Babylon System says that guns become a problem when it combined with poverty in North America. Youth often feel scared and threatened in neighborhoods with violence, consequently they turn to guns. Further more some gun violence imagery appears in social media is justifies and even glorifies the damaging result of using a gun. Therefore, a rising rate of adolescents are involved in serious criminals. Beside popular culture and social media raise gun violence in the America, some potential dangerous people are always create violence despite of what kind of weapon they

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