Argumentative Essay On Youth And Gun Violence

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“Youth and Gun Violence” Medical Terminology Youth and Gun Violence Violence, when will it stop? This question is asked by many parents and even youth across America. Violence with youth has spread across the states as if it were a contagious deadly virus only on a mission to take out children. It has caused fear and anger in many families and has risen in statistics rather than declined over the years. Children that are living in the poverty neighborhoods tend to see more violence than those that are living in the upper, middle class neighborhoods. Children in poverty stricken neighborhoods have to walk through gangs to attend and depart from school. Children are also affected…show more content…
The second amendment states that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In modern day America, unless restricted because of good reason, an adult of 18 years of age can purchase a rifle or shotgun and an adult of 21 years of age can purchase a hand gun. One study suggests, “Almost half of all households have at least one gun owner” (Kleck). Now that America has more guns than ever in our homes, wouldn’t it be easy for a teenager who is tired of being bullied at school to grab his brothers rifle or steals a pistol from his friend’s dad and harm others with it? With the lack of self-control that is taught to youths in the video games, the act of getting a gun and using it harmfully to set the score even is very plausible. Parents should realize this problem and talk with their children about negative effects of gun violence and to instruct on how to deal with the child’s emotions. Video games are rated by the ESRB, The Entertainment Software Rating Board, by how violent the game is and rates them accordingly to the appropriate age level that can handle the material. M-rated games require the buyer to be 17 years of age or older because of its violent and/or sexual content. In 2003 a survey shows that 69 percent of teenage shoppers were able to buy M-rated games (FTC). This percentage of youths that can buy violent to extremely violent games is mind
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