Gun Control (Synthesis Paper)

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Gun control laws are put into place to protect the American people. Everyday crimes are committed with guns, but everyday guns are also used for protection against crimes, such as home invasions. The NRA is against gun control laws, because it violates some second amendment rights. (Reassessing, 1991.) Then are those who hate guns, are terrified of guns, and think guns should all be illegal. All the original amendment rights have been altered in some way since they were first derived in the late 1700’s. Gun control is a touchy subject in America. Several years ago a shooting took place at Virginia Tech killing 32 people. This kind of violence allowed many questions to arise about what could have been done to avoid the shootings. “In 2004, the United States had about 30,000 gun-related deaths…” (Jost, K., 2007) Making school campuses safe is always a major focus for colleges, universities, and even schools that have children under 18. Some people felt that if more gun control laws had been implemented that thing like the Virginia Tech shooting would not have occurred. (Jost, K., 2007) The shooting was very unfortunate, and innocent people died for no reason. Gun control laws do help prevent this from happening as often. Not every individual should be allowed to own a gun, especially people who want to cause harm to others. Plenty of people who are law abiding citizens, and follow gun law regulations, feel as though they are punished for people’s violent actions. An example of a group of people who are against gun control laws are the members of the National Rifle Association. (Scalia, 2011) In states like California, the gun violence is one of the biggest problems the citizens and government officials face on a daily basis. California has large cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Several gang affiliations reside in California. Many times

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