Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In America

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Gun Control in America Onome Omobien Professor Holly Bird GSW 9:30 It’s 9:30 at night, you just finished dinner and are now waiting for your son to come home from a late sports practice. You turn on the late night news after a long work day and the news report on is about three young teenage fugitives now on the run for committing a drive by shooting just an hour ago. The crime was done at a gas station only a few blocks down from your house and police say three suspected gang members and once innocent person was killed in the crossfire. The phone rings and without thinking you answer to find a police officer asking you to come to the station to identify a body that they believe is your son. This is the story that any parents, in major cities and small towns alike, worry about when their son or daughter are not in the house with them. Gun control within the United States has both advantages and disadvantages within it. While they can protect and help us survive by helping us hunt for food and survival, sometimes a gun can be seen from a different perspective of usefulness when placed in the wrong hands. Guns owners and those who are for more regulations of guns aren’t always on opposite sides of the debate. Many gun owners agree that a change must be made in order to insure a safer…show more content…
“Reasonable gun control & education steps can be put in place, so an outright ban is unnecessary” (Joe Messerli, Though now in a world where they have become more dangerous and the criminal violence has risen, guns are what protect us from danger, help us survive with hunting for food and clothing and in some parts are vital to survival. We can come to agreement that guns are needed within society and while regulation is needed, that laws need to be changed and adapted to modern times. Although too much regulation can be over bearing and

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