Why Gun Control Won't Stop Crime

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Why gun control won’t stop crime After the tragedy in Newton CT, where twenty-six innocent people lost their lives gun control seems to be a hot topic again. The ideas of certain types of gun control have been all over the news and radio talk shows ever since the tragedy. But it’s my belief that gun control is not the answer to violent crime, and in my opinion gun control doesn’t make us safer, it just makes law-abiding citizens an easier target for crime. Many opponents for stricter gun control laws have stated it will cut down on violent crime, or mass shootings such as the one in Newtown. Politicians have stated thy will introduce new laws wanting tougher background checks, forced registration, and outright banning of military looking firearms. All these types of new laws will cut down on crime and make this country a safer place. But I believe the way to protect against a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. First of all on the issue of it will cut down on violent crime, who are they kidding criminals rarely obey laws; studies show most criminals acquire guns through friends or theft. Adam Lanza the shooter at Newtown stole the guns he used from his mother. (Tucci, 2012) According to Florida State University criminology professor Gary Kleck who has been studying guns and the effects on violence and crime rates, states that gun control laws have no net effect on violence or crime rates. In fact the United States violent crime rate has been falling since 1990, even as the Assault Weapons ban has long since expired. (Tucci, 2012) Some of the Federal data have shown that gun murders in 2010 were 11,078 that is the lowest rate since at least 1981. (Fact Check.org, 2012) Gun robbery in 2011 was 122,300 the lowest rate since 2004. (Fact Check.org, 2012) And all of this was happening while gun ownership was at 88.8 per

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