What Is The Right To Bear Arms Argumentative Essay

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Andrew Iglesias June 2, 2014 Period 1 ENG 2 Argumentative Paper Gun control has been a very controversial topic and with all of the relevant events it’s become bigger and people want an end to their right to bear arms but what people are failing to recognize is that guns don’t kill people…. People do and that’s just how it is. The right to bear arms should be kept protected because we should be able to feel free and also be able to protect ourselves. By putting an end to the right to bear arms we are basically just taking away a form of protection from the honest person and giving the “criminals” more power and might as well be arming them ourselves. “Criminals” will always find a way to get ahold of something they want, take a look at drugs for example it’s illegal but that hasn’t stopped these people from acquiring it. There was a similar event in the early 1900’s called Prohibition where the U.S decided to put a nationwide ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages and with this ban it put the government down in debt and crime rate rose up, and then “criminals” like Al Capone were all gaining from this making and selling of illegal alcohol. So by banning the right to bear arms from civilians would just be dejavu and almost mediocre. One might object that guns should be banned because of all the innocent people that have been killed like the kids and teachers from Sandy Hook and bring up statistics of how many people have been killed because of it but like I…show more content…
Because if we were to lose this right then what could be next and I feel as if it would be another mistake that we cannot afford like the Prohibition, Burglaries would rise and so would assault so to keep our people safe lets protects this

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