Concealed Weapons Pros and Cons

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There are definitely pros and cons for individual(s) being able to have a concealed weapon but in this case I am for people being able to carry a concealed weapon. Criminals are less likely to target a person if they know that person is armed. Second I don’t feel the government can 100 guarantees the safety of all of its citizens. Third reason why is criminals are going to carry a concealed weapon legal or not. So why shouldn’t law abiding citizens be able to do the same and be able to protect themselves. The deterrent effect of a concealed weapon would benefit the person and the general public that is doing the same. Because the criminals out there wouldn’t know who is armed and who is not. That would in turn get some criminals to think twice about going after someone who is also potentially armed and knowing that their life would also be in danger. I feel some crimes that have taken place in this country could have been stopped or lessened to a degree with a concealed firearm. The government can not ensure the 100 percent safety and wellbeing of all its citizens. For example the school shootings and workplace instances etc that happened in this country. But if there were more responsible law abiding people that had a concealed weapon on them some of these tragedies could have been avoided or at least minimized the damage that those criminals caused saving the lives of others is always a good thing. Criminals are not known for following the rules so all law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves by any means needed. You could be going through a tough area of town and having that self defense on you makes you feel a bit more comfortable and safer, protecting oneself and family is a personal duty and the government should not impede the ability of responsible adults to defend themselves from potential harm. You got to take the good with the bad

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