Argumentative Essay: Is Gun Control The Answer?

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Is Gun Control the Answer? Gun control is an over thought topic. It has really been in the spotlight since a few recent shootings such as Sandy Hook Elementary and the movie theatre shootings. But is controlling guns going to prevent future issues? Since the beginning of this country the bearing of arms has been a right for the American people for many reasons, one of them being protection, and without them victims of shootings would never have any defense to protect themselves. There are many reasons that our forefathers decided that the right to bear arms is an essential right, but there are other thoughts on why it should not be a right, how the limit of them has been breached and why it’s time to take guns away. Guns have always been a part of my life, my dad hunts to provide food, I shoot them for fun as an activity and my family has them as protection. Taking away my right to have them is like taking my need for safety away. This is not a topic that should be up for debate in my personal opinion.…show more content…
Between both articles I am able to firmly set my opinion on guns remaining a right. Both articles had a lot of information and it varied a lot between the different approaches, but for a topic like this I think that logic and information is better than just an opinion and some emotions. I am for having guns because it is a right given to us in the Constitution and it is a way to protect myself. I like shooting and I like when my dad gives me meat from the deer he shoots. There are a lot more pros than cons in this situation and Granderson was right: “There is no same shooting” and therefore there cannot be just one generalized solution to this issue. There may be ways to help make shootings less of an issue, but they will never go away. Some people are just crazy and believe that killing someone is the solution. In conclusion, guns should not be controlled; they should be a right that is never taken away from

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