Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Guns have been around for a long time throughout history guns have played a major role. Our founding fathers used guns to defend and take over America. They have placed amendments in the constitution to ensure that we will always have guns. The liberals have been calling on taking away guns and making very strict gun control laws. Gun control doesn't work look at Chicago for instance they have some of the highest crime rates but yet they have some of the strictest gun laws. Gun control increases violence, gun control makes everyone more susceptible to attacks, and gun control takes away the rights of U.S citizens. Let's start out with a little history. During WWII Hitler took away all the guns of civilian and then he killed six million Jews…show more content…
They believe that the government should give them everything. They are the people that thinks it's okay to kill babies and that its okay to be obese because “its their body”. I saw a chart of most common causes of death and the first one was abortion, 2nd was heart disease and then 5th was obesity. To me that is just sad the first cause shouldn't even be on there and then the rest is about our health and how this generation is so sensitive that when someone is obese they wont even help them because its the persons…show more content…
If we were to make America a complete gun free zone what is going to stop the criminals from getting guns anyways. Criminals already get guns illegally and they don't get caught. So if no one has a gun and say a criminal gets a gun then who is going to stop him from killing everyone in that area, I mean they can run but how long does it take for the cops to get there and stop the shooter it takes some time and until the cops get there the shooter is almost unstoppable. They can say that law enforcement will be improved and their numbers will increase but we still wont get more people in

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