The Argument For Gun Control In The United States

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One political event that I feel can greatly change our society is the current attempt to further control guns. President Obama for many years now has planted himself firmly in alliance with those who favor gun control. The current proposal is that background checks for firearm purchases are heightened, the purchase of assault weapons to be banned and high capacity rounds be banned. The argument for gun control has been swirling around political circles for a long time, but the recent attack at the Sandy Hook Elementary School has given the debate a heated resurrection and a front row seat in the spotlight. People who are for gun control believe that limiting the amount of guns available to the public and adding additional criteria to background…show more content…
The facts against adapting stronger gun control laws are compelling. Disarming and adding further limitations to the law abiding citizens of America will only give the criminals the upper hand when they take advantage of us as opposed to allowing us to protect ourselves. What is the natural response to prohibitions and restrictions? The answer…CREATIVITY. Criminals will not stop illegally obtaining guns, they will not stop stealing them from people’s homes, robbing gun shops, or simply buying them on the black market. They don’t stop they find ways around the rules to get what they want. Of 3,083 federal gun dealers audited in 2005, there were 12,274 missing firearms unaccounted for in sales. That is 12,274 more guns on the street in one year obtained illegally. 60% of the guns used in crime can be traced back to crooked gun dealers. The people who are buying guns legally are not the ones performing these crimes. Let’s take the Sandy Hook incident for example. Adam Lanza had a history of severe depression and mental instability. The last three years of his life he lived like a complete recluse. The guns he used were legally purchased by his mother and stolen from her before he killed her and went on to the school. The guns he used were hand guns, not assault rifles. How would the ban on assault…show more content…
He and others like Gabrielle Giffords are even bringing the parents of the children who were lost in Sandy Hook to make tearful pleas to pass the amendment. Gabrielle Giffords is yet another example that proves my theory. She was shot in the head by Jared Lee Loughner in 2011 in the middle of a constituent meeting she held. Loughner was expelled from college for disruptive behavior and was showing many signs of mental distress prior to the shooting. So much so that his parents disabled his car at night and took his shot gun away from him. When he was expelled his college dean urged his parents to have him evaluated for mental illness and they never followed through. Had they have placed a higher priority of understanding why their young son had been behaving so irrationally they would have discovered much earlier that he was suffering from schizophrenia and possibly stopped him from harming

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