Argumentative Essay: The Gun Debate In America Today

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The Gun Debate in America Today The gun control policies in the US need to be stronger. There are more than a few actions that can be taken instead of simply just confiscating all the guns. With politicians trying to take guns out of our hands they are mistakingly disarming plenty of well behaved citizens. There should be heavier efforts on the front line of enforcing the laws already put into place or perhaps putting more laws into place that would protect the general public. Law abiding citizens who are properly armed are a natural crime deterrent by themselves. If you take a look at area such as Chicago, which simply does not allow the purchase of guns or ammunition, the violent crime rate is through the roof. Its simply not the gun, it is the man behind the gun who commits the crime. That being said, the policies need to be reformed to make it harder for criminals to acquire these guns. Over the course of history the second amendment has had plenty different interpretations of what exactly and who exactly has the right to bare arms. Legislators need to put harder…show more content…
Our country is rooted and continues to grow everyday by way of the US Constitution. Our justice system makes decisions on sending people to prison based on our constitution, so why do legislators think its okay to turn their back on it? That is the single most important document in our country and it is constantly belittled by trivial arguments about our right as citizens to own a firearm. The same firearms that were used to create and defend that document. Its importance it literally unparalleled in our governing system and it is just a shame that in the worst case they are not even looking to reform the second amendment, rather destroy it and take all the guns. If the defense of the Constitution is our number one agenda then we as a nation should stop trying to downplay its everlasting

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