Why Is Gun Control Necessary

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Final Research Paper – Gun Control Is gun control necessary in today’s society? A very hot topic issue in our country for sure one that has two highly, emotionally debated sides. Gun control is a set of laws imposed by the Federal Government restricting the ability of an individual to purchase firearms. The government attempts such action by imposing certain road-blocks in the hopes of postponing or eliminating the sale to a would-be, or convicted criminal. Enforcing background checks, waiting periods or the complete ban of certain types of firearms are some of the methods used. My paper is not one to site statistics, percentages or probabilities. Numbers can be manipulated and twisted to fit a particular ideology. I want to discuss this topic using real world examples and common sense. I’m not even going to go into the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. It’s played out and tired, and ultimately unneeded in my argument. The basic and supposedly strongest argument for “more” gun control can be summed up with the following statement: Guns strengthen, embolden and promote higher crime rates. It has also been argued that the average citizen can simply not be trusted with such a tool. (Yes, they are a tool.)…show more content…
They believe stronger gun control equals less crime. Suffice it to say, crime is a fact of life. Crime is going to happen regardless of any law ever passed. There will always be that element in any given society that just doesn’t care, and they don’t need a gun to carryout their whims either. In saying that however, criminals are going to get there hands on firearms whenever they feel the need arises. There are dozens of underground networks dedicated to the sale of both legal and illegal fire-arms. (Site 1) Hundreds of gun related weapons are stolen from Military bases, Police Cruisers and Weapons Depots yearly; both abroad and in our own country. (Site 2), (Site

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