Is Gun Control Necessary In America Essay

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Joe Ma English 98/99 4/20/2015 gun control is needed in America According to the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. But, this has remained an important issue since decades. Issues such as gun control and gun rights have remained a matter of debate and have been lobbying around in the Congress meetings. In my views, gun should not be existing in our society because guns are assault weapons, which have no purpose other than to kill large numbers of people. In order to keep our society safer, guns should be limited in America. Guns are not safe. There are too many accidents involving children playing with guns or accidental discharge due to careless or inexperienced…show more content…
Living in fear is not how we want to live. Guns provide people with a false sense of safety, and it's true that guns do not kill people, but rather people do. Therefore, more guns do not solve gun shootings and mass school shootings but is danger for the society. Comparing to other countries that don't allow people to have guns, such as the China, the gun crime rate and murder rate is a lot lower than those same statistics in the US. In addition, we don’t need assault weapon to protect ourselves, its not a 'civilians' job to stop criminals who possess guns, it is the police's job. However, we can’t stop people to bear gun because that is civil right for all the citizen according to the second amendment of U.S constitution. I understand some amount of people do need a gun for outdoor activity like hunting, this is different from those people who use it to commit crimes. They should allow to bear gun but they should be registered and have done the background checks before the purchase a gun. In conclusion, a lot people says that they need a gun to protect themselves, but Unfortunately there are many misguided individuals in our society, and I believe that a society would be better off if they had less access to

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