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Gun control has become a large topic of argument in recent years as politicians have begun using it as a tool to win votes. To me there is no reason why a person should not be allowed to own a gun and have it with them. Especially if they have gone through classes or have gotten a permit for the weapon, but many people see the idea of all people being able to own a gun as a harm to society. Guns have various usages besides the downsides that many gun control supporters capitalize. Many people have guns for the sole purposes of self-defense or hunting. While many may argue the downsides to hunting or negative effects it has; it is one of the largest controllers of deer population. Without hunting this way of control the populations would collide much more rapidly with our society. With the self-defense aspect if one were to remove this way of security and defense it makes the general public much…show more content…
Their actions of trying to limit these rights our unconstitutional as it fringes upon our rights to bear arms. The main things the government does to limit the attainment of weapons is by making a list of “mental health patients” that are not allowed to own or buy guns. This list is a major infringement on the rights of people as it openly shows these people’s medical records just for the purpose of a purchase. A major problem wrong with such a listing is that the list does not allow those with mental illnesses to own a gun. This includes the men and woman who have served our country and are diagnosed with anxiety or flashbacks. The same men and woman how served and used weapons for an extended period of time are not allowed to own weapons for that service that they gave to our country. Also many of these people who have actual problems are not diagnosed so they are not on this listing or the list is not checked when guns are bought and

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