Unethical Police Operation Paper

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Unethical Police Operations In recent years, police action became the view of the world, and in public eye. Every citizen within the U.S is not only worrying about protecting themselves and their family from criminals, but also keeps their eyes on an officer who supposed to serve and protect our citizen daily. This paper will discuss the use of firearms and a receipt of private information, which will also include the discussion of how citizens’ has the right to take advantage of by our policemen. Because of the entire significant differential, all citizenship must take action upon them to affirmative from physical brutality; information abused, and rights violations. Every conflict has its significant implications on administrative and departmental officer procedures. The mainly problem that always occurring is the physical brutality, which the main goal is to get the police department to enforce and adopt a written policy. However, polices limiting actions will bring most of debate especially from the police officers themselves. “Many feel that their firepower is already too weak to battle the weapons criminals have on the streets, and limiting their legality of gun use will not only endanger them, but the innocent bystanders who must endure the hierarchy gun power creates in the benefit of criminals.” (Bouza, Anthony. 1990) It’s necessary to ask help from the superior officers so that a tolerance of brutality will not establish. Many officers will officially feel that such action would be burdensome. However, policeman often already feel restrained and burdened by policy that takes such large amount of their duty time. The treat of violent on the streets across the United States has increased at a dramatic rate. Policemen that are forced to face violence are sometimes caught in the same violent while Unethical Police Operations Paper 3 trying to

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