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Police Abuse and Corruption Sheena Western Governors University Issues in Behavioral Science BLT1 March 24, 2014 Social Problem Police corruption seems to be becoming more of a problem or at the very least more prevalent in the news. It seems as though we read or hear about police misconduct on a weekly basis from police officers accepting bribes for personal gain to more the extreme cases of officers abusing their power in their personal lives. In reviewing articles from the last six months of a local newspaper there were several attention-grabbing stories showing examples of police corruption. One news article described an incidence where 3 officers helped a local drug dealer sell drugs illegally and receiving a…show more content…
Law enforcement officers come from many different cultural backgrounds and family situations affecting their ability to be a police officer both negatively and positively. The social learning theory by Albert Bandura is one theory that could be used to describe the motives behind police misconduct. Bandura’s social learning theory states behavior is learned from the environment through the process of observational learning (McLeod, 2011). It further describes how individuals act based on peer associations, attitudes, positive and negative reinforcement and modeling (McLeod, 2011). All of these factors may be predictors of law breaking and crime in general, but could also be related to law enforcement officers. Officers work difficult jobs that are distinctive from many other occupations in that their role gives them the unique access and power that other occupations do not have the liberty of doing. On an every day basis, they break the laws that the rest of society is expected to uphold, they speed, visibly carry guns and are able to personal seize property on a consistent basis. This gives them the day to day opportunity to potentially be deviant. Because officers work in law enforcement it provides an opportunity for their deviance from the law to be justified if there actions are questioned. Most law enforcement agencies have lenient supervision and officers often work…show more content…
Tittle. The theory states “the ratio of controls exercised to control experienced constitutes the control ratio, which is the central cause of deviance in the theory (Curry, 2012).” The theory works on the idea that control imbalances are associated with deviant behaviors. There are 2 types of control imbalances “(1) control deficits, which occur when the control that individuals can exercise is exceeded by the amount of control to which they are subject, and (2) control surpluses, which indicate that the controls that individuals can exercise surpass the controls they experience (Curry, 2012).” Police misconduct could fall under the second control imbalance described, which could be considered a more elite level of

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