Police Brutality Social Issue

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Social Issue: Police Brutality The human body can only handle so much, and the police are no exception. Over the years, this country has witnessed many cases of police brutality. It has become a controversial topic among communities that have seen police brutality take place in front of their homes. Officers are faced with many threatening situations everyday forcing them to make split second decisions and to expect the worst and hope for the best. Police officers are given the power to take any citizens rights away and even their lives. With that kind of power comes responsibility, that’s one major concern with the amount of discretion officers have is when to use force or when to use lethal force. Why do we have police offers who take an oath to protect us but most of the time they abuse their powers? Police brutality has been an ongoing issue in the United States. In many cases, police have taken advantage of the power they have and used it to hurt the people that they are supposed to protect. I understand that police officers can use force against the common people if they have a strong reason to do so. For instance, a police officer can use force (as in the use of taser gun or K9‘s) when they see that the suspect has a dangerous object which can put people or the officers at risk. Police brutality results in innocent people suffering crucial consequences for the mistakes that police officers make. In March 2009, The National Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP) started recording police misconducts. They started this project to help stop police brutality in the United States. NPMSRP “analyzed police misconduct in the United States through the utilization of news media reports to generate statistical and trending information”(Police Brutality Statistics). In Police Misconduct the statistics states that from April 2009 to June 2010 5,986

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