Police Misconduct

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Above the Law Police officers are given the authority to uphold the law and to maintain peace. They risk their lives every day and will have to use the rules of engagement to determine the threat level of violence towards them or society. They are able to use excessive force towards people who are violent and unable to comply. But in some scenarios, officers who think they’re above the law, abuse this rule and that’s when police brutality take place. Officers use brutality for the wrong reasons such as being racist or discriminating the individual. Police brutality isn’t only happening on our city’s streets but in prison as well. The government and the people living in the city should investigate this matter since their tax paying dollars…show more content…
The chart is based on excessive force, fatalities, misconduct, sexual force and illegal searches. The chart shows that 33% of the accused cops went through conviction. 64% the convicted cops received an average length of 14 months in prison. Most of the time the targets of the racial profiling and brutalities are two third of African Americans and Latino and the officers at the time is white. Throughout the years many victims have voiced their opinions through the media to spread the awareness about the men in blue who abuse their power. Since then victims of police brutality have taken legal action against these men in blue. The damage caused by police brutality has been declining over the years with proper training such as anger management, group therapy and police training. These classes are helping the violent police to identify the threat without discriminating the individual and to disarm the situation with less violence…show more content…
This is not happening in one place, its occurring all over the United States. Society already has enough problems with terrorism, gang violence, drug trafficking and domestic violence. These brutalities are serious problems and can be prevented with the usage of group therapy. Police officers are given the title to uphold the law not being above the law. Hopefully those acts of brutality can be a symbol to shake people out of apathy and take back their misguided

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