Integrity In Criminal Justice Essay

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Integrity in Criminal Justice Abstract The role of integrity plays a major part in the criminal justice field. The integrity of a police officer more specifically has to be almost immaculate in order for him or her to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. As a police officer there will be many things and many opportunities for them to go against the integrity of a police officer, however once an officer takes the oath he or she must uphold it as best as possible. Their jobs are not always easy, however, if a police officer chooses to not act with great integrity or good sound judgment then the officer has disgraced the uniform and the city, state, or county that he or she was hired to protect. If this happens then all…show more content…
If police officers did not act with integrity, good morals, and good ethical decision making tactics then the general public would not trust them. If there is no trust for police officers with the general public this country would have mass chaos. People would not feel safe in their homes because the people (police officers) that are supposed to serve and protect them are dishonest and untrustworthy. Without police officers and other members of the criminal justice field having integrity our country would be like a third world country with all types of pandemonium, anarchy, disorder, and confusion going on. In conclusion, integrity plays a major role in our criminal justice system especially in the jobs of police officers. Police officers show integrity constantly, whether they are in uniform or not. A police officer must exercise his integrity and beliefs to uphold the law in an unbiased, impartial, dispassionate, unprejudiced, neutral and fair manor. Without police officers showing and exercising good morals and integrity the general public would lose trust and faith in our criminal justice system. If that happens our country will be in turmoil and it would be an awful place to
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