Important Traits in the Criminal Justice Profession

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It is extremely important for individuals in the criminal justice profession to have many qualities that make them successful in their career. It is obvious to any professional that writing skills and verbal communication skills are a must, but others should be available as well. Just a few of these beneficial characteristics include objectivity, honesty, and a quick-thinking mind. The qualities listed are useful in many criminal justice careers ranging from office jobs to hands on jobs. It is usually recommended that any career use honesty as a quality, but it is extremely important that criminal justice professionals have honesty as well. Law enforcement is occasionally known for being corrupt, and it is so important for our law enforcement officers to be truthful on all applications, reports, and everyday work. This provides for more efficient and trustworthy public servants. The most important reason for honesty is simply to ensure that the innocent stay that way and are not caught in the lies of the accusers. Criminal justice professionals play an important role in the court system, and if they lie on accusations and evidence, the innocent become victims of the dishonesty. A second quality that is good to see in the criminal justice professions is to be objective. It is important for our law enforcement and public servants to not let their personal goals, feelings, or prejudice to get in the way of the criminal justice goals. Objectivity ensures that the professionals will make the right choices even when they have reasons that should make them choose otherwise. A simple example of this trait could be a law enforcement officer writing a ticket to someone regardless of the relationship they may or may not have. Lastly, criminal justice professionals must be quick thinkers. It is very important for them to be able to make rash, yet objective

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