Gang Violence In America

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Gang warfare in America Gang violence in America does not provide any real positive resources for young teens. Being in a gang might be important if you don’t have a family or friends. People sometime want to be only in their own ethic group for different reasons for a sense of security and purpose. The way gangs have moved into our communities at an alarming rate, we are up against a strong force. Most gangs operate for profits and affect our young teens; I feel that we all should stand up and fight against gangs in our communities. I don’t agree with gangs nor do, I feel that they have any positive effects in society. This is important because our kid’s future depend on us taking a stance against gang violence. Andre: Justice doesn't…show more content…
I am sure most people, really can’t imagine that there is any thing positive about gangs. The media today have a lot to do with what is promoted via TV, magazines, and newspapers. I am not a genius but I do know that gangs have been around before I was even born. For example in New York City, there were gangsters and mobsters who fought for control for illegal drugs, money, and alcohol it is was, and is still a way of life for some people. Most, people only get to see hear about the Bloods and the Crips gangs of East, and West L.A. Most gangs are now a real threat to our society and communities. Gang members are killing other gang rivals for turf, and foot soldiers perform drive-by for introduction into the gangs. I feel we as people need to get a better idea of the gang safety, and certain procedures so that we can protect ourselves from harm. One of the real issue, and problem today is that the alarming rate the gangs are growing. This alarming rate of gang affiliation has let to gang crimes soring thought the roof. Murder rate is up; arm robbery, home invasion, and theft of automobiles are up. I think America, Mexico, and Brazil has now the biggest. Most of the young teenagers in Brazil for example have no real economic stability, or family so they join the gang since they provide food, and everything that is missing in their lives. Minorities are often picked on and stereotyped because they might…show more content…
Gangs like the Sicilian Mafia have been around since the 1800s. Nowadays though the two most recognized gangs are the Bloods and the Crips. Gangs now have become a true threat to society. Members of gangs are now killing innocent people for fun. Even Females are getting in on the gang action. People today need to familiarize themselves with gang safety procedures in order to protect themselves. The problem of today's society is the growth of gangs. Over the year's gang's population have increasingly grown. Gang crime rates have went up and so has youth Murder rates. There are now several youngsters in jail, because of gang related crimes The United States has one of the biggest gang problems in the world as of now. There Are over 20,000 different groups involved in gang related crimes. But occurring to the lates 70’s. Researchers frequently use 5 criteria to define a gang: (1) formal organization structure, (2) identifiable leadership, (3) identified with a territory, (4) recurrent interaction and (5) engaging in serious or violent behavior. Pirates were probably the first types of gang in history. To define a gang is a difficult task, but I will give you an idea of what a gang actually is. A gang is a loosely organized peer group of persons in a lower-, middle-, or upper class community. Gangs are a violent reality that people have to deal with in today's cities. What has made these groups come about? Why do kids feel that being in a

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