George Handing And Mrs. Singer Case Study

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Issue: Is the accused, George Handing and Mrs.Singer, guilty of rapist in the second degree of Wendy Singer under section 266(1) of Criminal Code of Canada? Decision: The accused, George Handing and Mrs.Singer , is guilty of rapist in the second degree of Wendy Singer under section 266(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada? Police Notebook: A child called Gillian finds a bloody man beside the street with his father at 8 pm. Police tries to ask what happened on him. He says he fell down from the bicycle. Police does not trust him obviously. Then police finds out he was beaten by Joseph Russo and his brother Frank. The reason is he raped their sister, Leslie Russo who has mental problem. Later, police finds out he also raped a girl called Wendy Singer who died several days ago. Mr.McCoy attempts to prosecute him for 25 years to prison. As the investigation goes…show more content…
For this purpose, he secretly poked holes in their condoms and got his girlfriend pregnant. (Even the way is very questionable.)Mr.Hutchinson was sentenced 18 months to jail as a raper. Court did this decision because a woman getting pregnant would be very embarrassing .She is very difficult to raise her child and people will look down on her and her child. But , I still think the punishment is not enough, Mr.Hutchinson should pay lots of money for his behavior ,even through it can not fix her mental injury . The second Canadian case I find is Mr.Rhodes ,who is 40 years old man, rape a 26 years lady in Manitoba. Mr.Rhode was sentenced to jail for 2 years as second degree murder.Public think the judge did not do his duty and the sentencing is not enough for a rapist. In judge's opinion, woman's choice of clothes and her behavior may give people a bad impression. The 26 years old woman drank too much beers. As I noted above, the judge think the sentencing is fair and

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