Ted Bundy: A Brief History Of Serial Killers

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Serial Killers Shawnie Skinner Central New Mexico Community College Criminal Justice 1001 April 12, 2015 Through the centuries there have been hundreds of documented cases of serial murder around the world but the term “serial killer” is moderately new. Up until the 1970s, serial killers were commonly called mass murderers by both the criminal justice system and the media. It wasn’t till the phrase “serial killer” was founded by former FBI special agent Robert Ressler who was also one of the founding members of Bureau’s Elite Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) in 1974. Serial killers have been acknowledged since the 1800’s but back then they were referred to as “murder fiends” or “blood thirsty monsters”. There…show more content…
He graduated from the University of Washington and went halfway through law school. Bundy was extremely clever about how he would lure his victims. He would ask them for help with putting furniture in his Volkswagen and ask them to get in his car. There is no exact number of women that he has killed but the estimate is at least forty. Bundy’s victims were pretty, with dark hair and always parted in the middle. He has murdered women in Pacific Northwest, Three in Florida, and two in the Chi Omega sorority house at the Florida State University. Bundy was caught and sent to jail in Aspen, Colorado after learning they didn’t approve of the death penalty he escaped and headed east to Florida where there is a high rate of death penalties. Ted Bundy was finally caught February 15, 1978 by a patrol officer. In July 1979 Bundy was found guilty of the murders and assaults. He received 270 year. Ted Bundy was his own lawyer till his last day alive. He was sent to be executioned on January 25,…show more content…
In June 1978, when he was eighteen years old, he killed his mother and father. After that he enrolled in college, and then signed up for the Army. He was discharged after two years for alcoholism. He was arrested on different accounts for fondling a thirteen year old boy, public exposure for masturbating in public. He served a year in half total and he was required to register as a sex offender. On his release for good behavior he was given five years’ probation. Shortly after that he began his murders spree. Dahmer liked to experiment with his victims, mostly with their body parts. He would drill holes in the victim’s skulls and would put caustic solutions in the holes to make them unconscious. In the summer of 1991, Dahmer murdered approximately one person a week. Edwards (would be victim) escaped from Dahmer and signaled down a police car. When the police searched the house they found photographs of murdered victims and human remains, Including three severed penis’s and heads. The police found a total of eleven people with the parts divided between the refrigerator and acid containers. He also like to keep his victims skulls as a trophy. Dahmer was charged with fifteen life terms totaling 957 years in prison. On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death by another inmate with a bar from a weight

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