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William Von Poyck June 12, 2013 Kara Cadrin On June 24, 1987 in West Palm Beach, Florida, William Van Poyck and Frank Valdez had a plan to help James O’Brien escape from prison. O’Brien was on his way to a doctor’s appointment in a prison transport van when Valdez and Poyck “ambushed the guards in the van, assaulted them and fired three shots”. (Blanco) Glades Correctional Institution guard Fred Griffis was killed in the ambush. The two then fled the scene in a Cadillac, leaving behind O’Brien and a police chase ensued. Poyck and Valdez were eventually arrested the same day. “In 1972, William Van Poyck, at age 17, was sentenced to life in prison” (Killing People In the Name of Teaching That Killing is Wrong) for armed robbery with a deadly weapon. He was originally sent to Starke, which is known as the toughest prison in the state, but in 1977 Poyck was sent to a place called The Rock for bad behavior. He escaped from The Rock by making a key to open a security door and then cutting through fences. A month later, after his escape he was caught. In 1986, after serving 14 years of his original sentence he was released from prison on parole. He was not released for very long, as the June 24th event followed in 1987. On that day, William Van Poyck and Frank Valdez ambushed the guards in a doctor’s office parking lot in West Palm Beach Florida, who held their friend James O’Brien in custody. Poyck approached the van, aiming the gun at Officer Turner’s head. Poyck forced and ordered Officer Turner out of the van and to crawl under the vehicle. While under the vehicle, Turner saw Officer Griffis, who was in the driver’s seat of the prison transport vehicle and unarmed, forced out of the van and taken to the back of the vehicle. Turner could see two sets of feet at the back of the van when he heard the gunshots that killed Officer Griffis, but “he was unable to

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