Moses Sithole Serial Killer

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Moses Sithole “The ABC Murderer” World records are being set by South Africa when it comes to the speedy arrest of serial killers, however, this is flawed by the fact that South Africa ranks among three of the world's most notorious countries when it comes to serial Killers. It has been documented that since 1936, 71 serial killers have been identified in South Africa with 11 still being at large. Johannesburg and Pretoria are the worst affected cities in South Africa, and Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal the worst provinces when it comes to serial killers and every year up to five new serial killers are identified across the country. Amongst the most notorious of them is Moses Sithole. Moses Sithole was born in 1964 to Simon & Sophie Sithole, one of five children in Vosloorus, a poor neighbourhood of Boksburg in apartheid-era South Africa. When he was five, his father died, and his mother abandoned the family. Sithole and his siblings spent the next three years in an orphanage, where he later said they were mistreated. Sithole was sexually precocious from an early age, but relationships were short-lived: it has been surmised that his mother’s abandonment of her children might have played a role in his aggressive attitudes to women. He is also reported to have told some of his rape victims of his own bad experiences, at the hands of a previous girlfriend. He began raping women in his twenties, claiming three victims before one finally testified against him. He was sent to prison, during which he himself was sexually assaulted by other prisoners. His murder spree began in 1994, shortly after his release. South Africa's most prolific serial killer to date, Moses Sithole stood convicted of 38 slayings in a series of "ABC Murders" committed between January and October 1995. The crimes received their media nickname from the fact that they began in Atteridgeville
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