The Confessions: Murder And Rape Of Michelle Moore-Bosko

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Sociology 111 Extra Credit The Confessions is a video that is about four U.S navy sailors that are arrested for the murder and rape of Michelle Moore-Bosko. Based on this video all men are also interrogated, have negative DNA results, and have no evidence regarding this crime scene. Daniel Williams, Joe dick, Derek trice and Eric Wilson were all charged with the murder of Michelle Moore-Bosko. Although all four men stories were completely different, they all signed a confession form out of fear of the death penalty and the jury didn’t believe them. So they were all found guilty. The story of the confession begins in Norfolk Virginia in an apartment complex. An hr and a half after the victim’s murder, Mr. Bosko ran to Daniel William’s…show more content…
He also said in his statement that he had beaten the victim with a shoe, and the autopsy shows nothing of the sort. He could not describe the knife that was used to stab the victim in fact he had no idea she was even stabbed. Four months later Daniel Williams receives his results for the DNA testing and they are negative. Since Daniel confessed to something, he was still held responsible and the police closed the investigation. Months later, Unexpectedly Joe Dick, Daniel William’s roommate is now suspect number two. Ford immediately started his cruel interrogation, pushing the death penalty on him. Joe was now asked to take the same poly graph test, his results were never released. He said during his interrogation he was mentally drained as well. Once again another man in fear of dying tells detective ford that he and Daniel were both at the crime scene. Joe Dick gave a hair sample, and a vile of blood for a DNA sample. After a couple of months his DNA came back negative as well. Joe made a total of seven statements. Since they were all lies, he couldn’t remember what he said before. Joe also signed the confessions paper and was now convicted of Michelle Moore-Bosko murder as…show more content…
All three suspects are interrogated and put on stand for their alibi. They also had negative DNA results. After Joe, Daniel, Eric and Derek wouldn’t testify against the other three suspects they were immediately released. “Forget truth, forget justice, and forget alibi” “This crime scene investigation is going in so many different directions. “Ford just wants to find the right suspect so they are convicting even the innocent” says Derek’s attorney. Finally the last suspect is Omar Ballard. He was recently released of prison after doing two years for beating a woman that ironically lived in the same apartment building as the victim. He also was in jail for the rape of a four-teen year old girl that lived one-hundred feet from her as well. Omar Ballard is also friends with Tamika, the Neighbor of Michelle Moore-bosko who wrongly accused first suspect Daniel Williams. Omar was finally picked up and was the last. He had positive DNA results and admitted to the murder and rape and is sentenced to life in prison. Omar also stated clearly in his statement that he committed this crime alone. After four men still in jail, three other suspects and one man that admits to the crime scene what happens

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