Ed Gein Psychological Analysis

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Many people forget the real man behind famous movies such was Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs; that man would later be known as Ed Gein. Ed Gein was found not guilty in his trial for committing multiple offenses such as murder and stealing corpses from graves. The minute Ed Gein was arrested he had made what police thought was a full confession but in reality only confessed to murdering two women, when the police suspected he killed 15. It was very common for Gein to use the skin and bones of his victims for things such as spoons,forks, bowls, lamps, and even chairs. He was later diagnosed from Dr. E.F. Schubert as schizophrenic, necrophilic, and a sexual psychopath which would later explain his obsession with human…show more content…
Before that he was tormenting and made Gein live a hell on earth. Even though George Gein’s personality may not have been fully betrayed throughout Ed’s life due to his alcoholism, he affected Ed in ways he may not have been fully aware of. According to Dr. Michael Windle, " from prenatal influences leading to learning and memory problems, to vulnerabilities in behavioral control and aggression in adulthood, a significant number of COAs exhibit psychological and/or interpersonal difficulties. In fact, COAs can be differentiated from nondistressed and psychiatric comparison groups in regard to such factors as personality characteristics, depressive symptomatology, and educational attainments.” George’s alcohol abuse could have given Ed a lot more aggression especially when he started to grow up and realize the type of person his father really was. Side effects to being an alcoholic included violence, which Ed knew way to well. According to MayoClinic.com, over 20% of injuries come from abuse. Abuse to the head can have effects later on in the person’s life such as lack of judgement, reasoning, problem solving, and memory loss. Ed’s father was abusive due to his drinking and caused Gein to make certain decisions and actions later on in his life because of the effects the abuse had on
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