Short Story: Jeffery Macdonald

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Part Two Jeffery Macdonald is still denying him being the murderer of his wife and kids. The police work hard to find out details of that night in part two. We learn, as readers, about his trial, his conflicts, details on the lady with the hat, and more. Jeffery Macdonald was charged with the murders in the beginning of the part. Of course he sees that it is not fair because they didn’t take into consideration that his tests all came back well. Collette’s parent’s and Jeffery exchange letters and we find that her parent does still believe Jeff is innocent. Jeff’s layer convinces the judge to let different people that Jeff has known throughout his years to come and speak about Jeff. They all say nice things and reveal that they believe Jeff would never do anything like this. Collette’s dad even speaks a bold statement such as, “If I had another daughter I would still choose Jeff to be my son in law.”…show more content…
Ivory, detective talks to a young guy named Mr. Posey who told detectives that he had spotted a girl with a floppy hat on the road the night of the murders. He finds the girl, Helena Stoeckley and interviews with her. She informs him that she was on Marijuana and does not remember anything from that night. She tells him though that she did not partake in the murders because even though she was out of it she would remember something like that. She tells him that she will not agree to come talk to the court because she does not want to become involved. This conversation opens new windows and makes Jeffery start to look more and more

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