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3) What specific part of the book had the most impact on you? Why? The specific part of the book that had most impact on me was when I found out Emmett Till was kidnapped and murder by two guys just for whistling a woman . When his parents named Mamie Till and Luis Till panic when he never came home they went to court but the court didn’t do much to help fine Emmett Till body so years later finally the court decide to move a point were they would try to fine Emmett Tills body .When they found his body his face looked different so Then after fining Emmett Till body the court was trying to fine who caused his murder. When the guys were in court and let go months had pass by the murder of Emmett Till posted on a magazine how they murder Emmett…show more content…
How the court didn’t do nothing about Emmett Tills murder till later in years they move a point of his murder forward were they could start fining evidence what happen to him and what happen to his body . Who was the person to kidnap him over several years . 5) Considering the work as a whole ,what universal theme(s) or lesson(s) does the book convey? How? What universal theme(s) or lesson(s) in the book convey is that it started the civil right movement .when back then they didn’t really do much on crime when it came to a black person being kidnap or killed. How a black person whistled a white person they would have something coming their way .This is why Emmett Till got murder because he was black and he whistled a white woman .How the court didn’t do nothing so this would be a good lesson to the universal today to pay more attention to missing people and crimes and not letting it last long enough were you can hardly fine evidence about the problem. 6) Imagine you were going to create a museum exhibit about your book. What would you include from the book ?why? What would your display look

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