Harold Shipman Case Study

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On the 7th September 1998 the family of Kathleen Grundy went to Police and reported Dr Shipman of suspected foul play, after her death they found out just days before she died she had changed her will and left her entire estate to Shipman £386,000 he was arrested for murder. No one at that time imagined the enormity of the case as the Police started to investigate Dr Shipman and the extent of his involvement in the deaths of his patients would soon became apparent. During the investigation bodies were exhumed and many thousands of records were studied Dr. Harold Shipman was sentence to 27 years in prison for the murder of 15 patients at Preston County Court January 2000. In his first ten years of practice 31 patients died and in the next ten years another 168 patients, the eventual total was around 250 victims and Police were sure that many more that had gone under…show more content…
Everything seemed to be going well over the next 5yrs, his practice grew to one of the largest in his area with over 3000 patients the maximum one doctor can have. After 20 months he started to kill again, in 1994 23 died, 1995 30 died, and in 1996 another 30 died. Harold was getting braver now having his own premises as 6 patients was killed whilst at the surgery. Dr Shipman had been very careful almost controlling and dominating towards his patients and their families, he offered to arrange the cremation of loved ones to show he cared therefore this disposed of the evidence. He built up good relationships with his patients so they stayed loyal, respected him and trusted implicitly, he took pride in being available and accessible. He also opened his surgery on weekends and cold called on patients at home, this was when he had the perfect opportunity to inject his victims sometimes telling them he was taking a routine blood

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