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Autism When Dr. M told us to choose a book about a child or children with an exceptionality or exceptionalities, I had no idea would choose one about autism. When I thought about it, I never pictured myself reading about three girls who all have autism. Did I mention the three girls are sisters? This book really threw me back; all of the things that this family goes through were incredible. They went through hell and back but they stayed strong and got through it. Overall I thought the book was really good. It informed me a lot about the struggles other people face with autism. The book was easy to read and understand but she kind of jumped around a lot which was a little confusing. She was humorous in her writing and it kept me intrigued,…show more content…
He started occupational therapy and ADHD medication to help him focus in class. I know my parents got really aggravated and angry at times because it can be mentally draining dealing with a child with autism. He and I fought constantly; he would steal my jewelry and money because he liked how it looked. Like Kim’s girls my brother also had a strict diet but he was so picky so he just wouldn’t eat. He would throw tantrums and cry often. When he got to be about 10 we found out he had sensory integration disorder. He loved shiny things, the way they felt, the texture and how they looked. When he was about 17 he finally started to get better. He no longer takes medication and lives on his own. He is currently a nuclear engineer for the US Navy. The book I read was called “All I Can Handle” by Kim Stagliano. Kim and her husband Mark have three girls; Mia, Gianna, and Isabella. All three girls have been diagnosed with autism. Kim and her husband Mark married on…show more content…
On page 133 she states “On October 5, 2009, The American Academy of Pediatrics journal Pediatrics confirmed that the autism rate is now one in 110 children”. Kim also talks about other cases of autism she’s read about. Some parents cannot deal with children with autism. Kim writes about two cases she saw on the news. The first case was a multimillionaire mother who fed her eight year old son a fatal dose of pills. On page 175 Kim writes about how this mother rented a 2,300$ hotel suite that night and after she gave her son the lethal dose of pills she attempted suicide and failed. The second story was about a family in the United Kingdom. The mom was charged with murdering her twelve year old autistic son. How you ask? She poured bleach down his throat after claiming it was medicine. There was another case that Kim mentions about a 39 year old man. Cops got called to the house for a murder-suicide by the man’s common law wife. The man killed his eleven year old autistic son and then killed himself. They did not report the causes of death due to issues with protecting privacy and the identity of the other

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