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An account of the murder of Steven Hoskins The 6th July 2006 Steven Hoskins was found dead at the base of st Austell railway duct. Steven had been subjected to the horrific abuse at the hand of Sarah Bullock, Darren Stewart and Martin Pollard. Steven had taken a lethal dose of paracetamol was then made to leave his home and walk on to the railway duct accompanied by Sarah, Steven and Martin. Steven was afraid of heights had been for his whole life was forced over the safety rail where Sarah made sure that he let go by kicking him in the face and standing on his hands. Steven fell 30 meters to his death. While doing the post mortem it was discovered that Steven had recent injures from cigarette burns and bruises around his neck from being hauled around his home on a pet lead, his hand had foot print marks on them. Sarah, Darren and Stewart have since been convicted of his murder with Martin Pollard getting a conviction of manslaughter. A serious case review was ordered after the murder of Steven Hoskins which included a review there were warning signs and missed opportunities for relevant agencies to have intervened the abuse and suffering Steven had suffered. These agencies had been put in place to protect Steven. Agencies included the health and social care learning disability service, the NHS primary care service The police and the place he lived Ocean view housing. Steven lived in a bed sit where he was placed with out a risk assessment being done they were all aware that Steven had learning disabilities leading him to be vulnerable. They also knew Darren who lived with Steven was high risk and dangerous. Darren was well known by the police. Sarah and Martin spent a lot of time at Steven home. They were also aware that Darren was dealing drugs from the bed sit as well. Darren was prolific user of the emergency services and the police and ambulance

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