Aileen Carol Wuornos

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Kimberly Prine 4/21/15 CJ 112 Assignment #4 Psychological Theories Aileen Carol Wuornos was a serial killer who had killed seven men, widely believed to be the United States’ first female serial killer. She was convicted for six of the murders and sentenced to death, ultimately meeting her end through execution by lethal injection. The product of a highly dysfunctional marriage, Aileen had been subjected to horrific tortures as a young girl. Her father was a psychopathic pedophile who was in jail at the time of her birth while her mother was an immature teenager who abandoned Aileen and her brother. Brought up by her grandparents, she found herself the victim of rampant childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. She never knew any normal familial relations and became pregnant as a result of rape when she was just 14—she claimed that her brother was the father of her child. Exposed to sexual activities at a very tender age she began providing sexual favors in exchange for food, drugs, and cigarettes when she was nine years old. Thrown out of her grandparents’ home as a teenager she began eking out a life as a prostitute. She later started robbing and killing men sequentially earning the notoriety of being the first female American serial killer. Wuornos experienced “Alloplastic Adaptation.” Coming from a trouble-some childhood and straight into a disturbed adult life; Aileen focused all of her resentment, torture, and grievance into her long history of deviant behaviors. Suffering from metal anguish she took her pain out on others. Abraham Maslow outlines what is known as a hierarchy of needs representing all the various needs that motivate human behavior. In order to achieve “Self-actualization” which is located at the top of the pyramid; one must meet the other needs at the base of the pyramid. Wuornos never had the chance to fulfill her

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