I Am My Sisters Keeper

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Ahnyinah Davis American Literature 4th Block Amie Howard 4/27/12 I am My sister’s keeper The book My Sister’s Keeper was published in 2004 by Atria books, the movie My Sister’s Keeper was published in 2009 by Nick Cassavetes. The book and the movie talks about a young girl name Kate, who is diagnosed with cancer and also tells the story about a 13 year-old girl name Anna, who sues her parents for medical rights to her body when she is expected to donate a kidney. The book and the movie differ from one another but still talks on the subject of Kate having leukemia. This book was thought provoking, inspiring, and heart wrenching. While reading the novel My Sister’s Keeper it took me back to the year my mom died, just like Kate she too needed a kidney but wasn’t as fortunate to live long enough for it to happen. More depth into the book I began to put myself in all of the characters shoes, Kate and Anna were both brave. Anna was brave because she kept undergoing surgery for her sister donating stem cells, bone marrow, and blood which were all not easily done. Kate is also brave because she never once complained; she loved her sister more than herself and she already knew her fate was decided. ”My sister’s the one who’s always had to imagine life without me”. Kate was selfless to come up with a plan so that her sister could live a normal life. Sara Fitzgerald is also brave because she never gave up with everything going wrong in her life she continued on strong. I agree with her decision throughout the book; I too would have done anything to keep my loved one alive. “My daughter has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant; the hospital explained that our insurance company needs to sign off on coverage.” Sara is desperately trying to get her daughter the help she needs but no one is trying to help her. Several of the characters struggle throughout the book to

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