Essay On Gun Violence

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Gun violence is a major issue in the United States, over the years the number of injuries and deaths from a firearm has sky rocketed leaving people wondering when it will stop. Though many efforts have been made to prevent the issue of gun violence the numbers are steadily rising at an alarming rate throughout the inner cities and also suburbs throughout the world. Most acts of gun violence are senseless and leave a lot of people affected. From mothers and fathers who will never see their children again due to an untimely death, to mothers and fathers who’s children that were on the other side of the gun that committed the crime and are facing life behind bars. These and many other scenarios are the main issues of gun violence. How do we end…show more content…
A school is a place to learn and escape the violence of the outside world, but sometimes that violence is brought inside the walls built for learning. Since the terrifying Columbine high school shootings there have been many more violent gun incidents in schools. Metal detectors should be placed throughout schools all over the world to give students and teachers a safer feeling while going about their normal school days. Programs that deal with gun related topics should be held on a monthly basis and there should be class discussions very routinely also. Random searches for students should be enforced to make the students aware that they could be caught with a weapon at any time. Teachers having a closer connection to each individual student should make the student feel more of a bond with their superiors making it easier for them to express their problems and issues to prevent any further altercations. All of these factors could be used in the prevention of gun violence in schools. After all of my reading and researching I have a new outlook on the issue of gun control and all of the factors that are involved with it. The statistics are scary, and even more shocking is the reality of the violence just knowing that at anytime and anyplace you can be in the middle of gun violence or even a victim. I will now be more cautious of places I go and the people I hang out around especially in an area where gun violence is a major
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