Overcoming Adversity, Destroying Avalon and the Colour Purple

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“A strong human spirit is essential to overcome adversity.” Every day we are faced with adversity that we as individuals or as a society must overcome. It is the overcoming of these problems that defines us as individuals or as a society, these problems that we may face may be physical, mentally or socially. In the novel “Destroying Avalon” by Kate McCaffery, Avalon is faced with many problems that have an impact on herself and the people around her. Also in the Film “The Colour Purple” by Steven Spielberg Celie has to face many problems as well. The themes that occur every day and in the novel “Destroying Avalon” and the film “The Colour Purple” are death/loss, bullying and relationships. Death/loss is something that occurs every day in society and people must overcome it to move on with their lives. Death is an equaliser to mankind regardless of our social structure, we all view death as a sadness because it is the end of our physical relationships. However the death of a young person is what creates the most despair for those who are left behind. For example in “Destroying Avalon” Avalon had to face the death of her best friend Marshall who took his own life because of being bullied for so many years and not letting anyone to support him through his tough times. “Marshall is dead” was repeated in the book to emphasize the feeling of grief Avalon faced. In “The Colour Purple” death and loss is shown when both Celie’s children are taken away from her at birth and is given the impression that they where killed. Bullying occurs the day you are born by society determining colours, interest and behaviours that suit the type of gender you are. However bullying doesn’t really show it’s self until we go to school, this style of bullying can be verbal, physical or electronic. It is how the individual’s deals with the bullying and the support they receive that will

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