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Travis Tran INDS Conflicts 103 F5 Respond to Electricidad Luis Alfaro’s Electricidad is a brutally adaptation of revenge theme set in gang culture. Based on Sophocles’ Greek tragedy Electra, the play’s setting is about cholo neighborhood and vengeance. The play’s choral comes from three Las Vecinas in the neighborhood at the beginning, which is the introduction of the event and also title of characters. They invite us to the hood, where the gang family lives and the dramatic irony between them. “Electricidad” play is about a young girl, the main title character, who is suffering over the death of her father. She also finds out that her mother, Clemencia, is the one who stand behind her father’s crime. Electricidad knows Clemencia also murdered her brother, Orestes who has been sent to Las Vegas by his father. At some point, I think the major conflict of the play is whether or not Electricidad will get her revenge against her mother no matter what. She loves her father too much that she could not let go of her father’s dead body and at the same time; she could not believe that her father is actually dead. She even wants to bring her father back to life. At scene two, page 69, she said, “I don’t care how I sound. I don’t care what they think. I will free you papa. From your death. I will do that. I don’t know how yet, but I will do it.” Throughout the play, Electricidad shows us how she is suffering with the pain, her anger, her madness and the desired of her revenge. The play has drawn attention for Alfaro’s humor with a death body, in the front yard. He not only gives us dramatic theme in the play but also the odd of humor. His technique is integrating the pain of grieving and laughter with ease. Electricidad’s setting with the social cultural environment of the cholos. So, the cholo’s style is the main key of their

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