Social Influences on Behavior

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Social influences on behavior It has been said that everyone has two sides to them. The process of social behavior on behavior is characterized by how an individual can be manipulated by other people or groups. Group processes and the foot-in-the-door-technique have been frequently used to persuade individuals to act according to a “justified” standard, such as bullying from peers and Adolf Hitler’s formation of the Holocaust Movement. Bullying throughout generations has been looked at as “child’s play” amongst children. According to Bullying Statistics (2013), “nearly 30 percent of students are bullies or victims of bullying” (Bullying and Suicide). This misbehavior can impact a person’s life tremendously creating short-term and long-term psychological conditions. Victims of bullying have displayed signs of eating disorders, sleep disturbances, lack of interest in school, withdrawal from family and friends, and thoughts of suicides. In some cases, the victims of bullying had committed suicide as a way of escaping his or her tormentors’ harassment. Last year, Angelina Green, a fourteen year old girl from Indiana hung herself from a tree, and left a suicide note on her bed for her mother explaining her death was caused by bullying (Goldstein, 2014). The young girl was called demeaning names every day from her eighth grade classmates. In her suicide letter, she indicated she wanted her classmates that tormented her to attend her funeral. Angelina’s mother pleaded the suicide of her daughter to Indiana’s state legislature to pass House Bill 1423. This bill will hold schools responsible for any bullying that take place on or around the school campus. Social facilitation plays a major role in the lives of the people who are bullied. He or she might begin to suffer from low self-esteem. The victims start to believe that the world is against him or her, and no one will

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