Song Of Solomon Milkman Character Analysis

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In the Song of Solomon, we have been looking at characters that go through identity crisis. They find their old selves unacceptable. Anxiety sets in and they start questioning their social role in society. This typical experience usually happens to individuals in there early teenage years or middle age. Individuals feel the need to become a new person in a sense. The protagonist of the novel, also known as Macon Dead III, was born into a sheltered, privileged life, Milkman grows up to not only becoming an egotistical young man, he also lacked compassion, wallows in self-pity, and alienates himself from the African American community. As his nickname suggests, Milkman literally feeds off of what others produce. Perfect example would be his…show more content…
His sisters, First Corinthians and Lena, whom author Toni Morrison keeps in the background of the novel’s main events, are suddenly transformed into deep, complex characters. The two sisters, who have spent their lives in Dr. Foster’s parlor making fake roses, refuse to be aristocratic sweatshop workers any longer. The fact Corinthians works as a maid even though she has acquired a college degree does not make her feel inferior but rather it liberates her socially. Furthermore, the fact that she finds true love outside of her upper class social status shows that Morrison is making an attack on class consciousness. Lena’s revolt comes out during her confrontation with Milkman. Even though she may be mistaken about the real reason of why Milkman interfered with Corinthians love life, her scolding is fully justifiable. It shows that she can stand up for herself and she will no longer be suppressed. Lena speaks not only for herself, but also for her mother, sister, and every other mute, or abandoned woman in the…show more content…
Flake. The name of the book is “The Skin I’m In”. This book tells the story of a seventh grade named Maleeka. Maleeka is very dark skin and she used to be proud of it. Soon enough her father died and kids started picking on her about her complexion. Char the most popular girl in the grade, makes a deal with Maleeka that if she does her homework for her Char will always stick up for her and allow Maleeka to borrow clothes. Maleeka wants to be so liked by people in school she agrees and starts hanging out with Char. A new teacher than arrives at the school. Miss Saunders also gets made fun of because of the big blotch she has on her face which is her birth mark. Miss Saunders realizes Maleeka is a smart and talented student and encourages Maleeka to work hard. Then, a boy starts liking Maleeka, Caleb. But then he stops talking to her because everyone is making fun of them. Not only does she try to impress everyone with her appearance but she also goes along with Char, and gets in trouble because she has no ability to say no and walk away. Maleeka takes the blame at first, but towards the end of the novel she gets her courage and tells on Char. She finally finds herself and realizes she is beautiful without Chars expensive clothing. She also realized she doesn’t need to stick out; she just needs to be herself. In the end Maleeka and Caleb are backed together and Maleeka is friends with Miss Saunders. Also, Char

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