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Explore—Planning Portfolio Interview Worksheet Instructions: The more clearly you understand this person, the better you will be able to tell his or her story. Answer these questions in complete sentences to guide your writing. 1. Who have you decided to interview? Le 2. How do you know this person? She’s my mother. 3. Briefly describe the experience this person shared with you. She was born premature, and born with polio. Her mom (my grandmother) was told that she wouldn’t be able to walk as she got older. Her mom left her in the hospital, and later o someone came and took her home for adoption. 4. How old was he or she at the time of the story? 6 days old. 5. How did he or she feel during the events of the story?…show more content…
4. How can you use foreshadowing or flashback to add interest to your story? I can prepare the reader for certain events that will take place in the narrative. 5. Outline the plot of your narrative. Levonne not having a regular childhood, and she tells us why and how it affected her as a child and later as an adult. Exposition: Levonne is born premature, born with the polio disease, gets adopted and faces many life struggles growing up. Rising Action: The doctor tells her adopted mother that Levonne may never walk again, and her adopted does everything she can to make it seem untrue. Climax: Later in life Levonne reconnects with her birth mother and asks her questions, but her birth mother refuses to answer them. Falling Action: Levonne sets up many meeting places for her and her birth mother to talk about the decisions she made while pregnant with Levonne. Her birth mother refuses to show up to any of them, and Levonne carries anger and bitterness towards her mother throughout life. Resolution: Levonne forms a closer bond with her adopted family and realizes that her birth mother is not capable of having a one on one conversation with her yet, so lets her birth mother take her time about

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