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RUNNING HEAD: CLINICAL ASSESSMENT 1. Clinical Assessment of Aileen Wuornos Rachel Jones PSY303: Abnormal Psychology Dr. Yolanda Harper May 18, 2015 Aileen Wuornos 2. I. Identifying Information Aileen Carol Wuornos, Also known as “Lee” Born February 29, 1956 Female White Age at the time of crime: 33 Bi-sexual Occupation: Prostitution Born in Troy, Michigan Location at time of crime: Ocala County, South Florida II. The chief complaint of Aileen Wuornos: Patient confessed to the murder of six men, she claimed that she was picked up by these men while she was working as a prostitute, and she contended that she shot the men in self-defense after they attempted to sexually assault her. Wuornos,…show more content…
Personal History: Patient grew up in Rochester, Michigan. She left her home as a teen, because her grandmother passed away. Patient began a life of prostitution to make money for everyday living expenses. Most of her victims were found as she walked the highways of Florida hitching rides, while the men who picked her up was doing so to get some type of sexual pleasure from a prostitute. Patient was an abused child who as an adult, didn’t know of any other way to earn a living. After patient became pregnant when she was a young teen aged girl, she told many people that her brother Keith was the father of her child. The child whom she gave up for adoption immediately after the baby boy was born. Aileen went hitch-hiking across America working as a call girl or a prostitute. It was said that she was married to a man named Lewis Fell, but she later started dating a woman named Tyria Moore. The couple had a tumultuous but long term relationship that lasted a little over four years. Aileen and Tyria was had to go without a lot of times because they could not survive on Aileen's salary as a prostitute. Some people believed that she turned to murdering her clients and taking all the money they had in their wallets to supplement her income to take care of her and her girlfriend. Aileen was born into a life that some would say she didn’t have a fighting chance at having a great life from the beginning. V. Family History: Patient Aileen Wuornos was born to Leo Dale Pittman…show more content…
behaving and with rational thinking. The disorder’s symptoms, including delusional thoughts, bizarre behavior, and many smaller psychotic episodes that might have influenced both her decision to confess to the murders to legally protect her lover Tyria Moore, and, more important, to commit the murders out of a (possibly delusional) fear of being raped. VIII. Substance Abuse: By all accounts presented, I do not show any court documents showing that my patient Aileen Wuornos had any substance abuse problems. Although I do show that personal friends and acquaintances have all admitted that Aileen frequented local bars, and would be seen leaving in a drunken stupor, many times. In some of the court proceedings, it was also acknowledged that at age11, Wuornos began trading sexual favors for money, beer, and cigarettes. These habits may have eventually led to Aileen’s alcoholism. IX. Collateral: In a letter to the Florida Supreme Court, Wuornos' appeals lawyer, Raag Singhal, said that Aileen Wuornos was exhibiting bizarre and strange behavior, as she was seen during court hearings crying and then laughing hysterically unexpectedly, and it didn’t seem to have anything to do with her case. Wuornos once wrote to the court of appeals alluding to delusional claims of abuse by prison officials, which included pressurizing chambers with “head shrinking” devices, harassment, and food cooked in dirt. Patient also claimed that the staff was staging psychological

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