H.H. Holmes Psychopath

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H.H. Holmes original name was Herman Webster Mudgett. His parents were Levi and Theodate Page Mudgett. Holmes had a very privileged childhood. There were no indications that Holmes parents were abusive, uncaring, or unloving in anyway. Holmes was said to be very intelligent and bright early in life. "It has been said that he appeared to be unusally intelligent at an early age. Still there were haunting signs of what was to come" (Biography.com). Holmes was very often bullied as a child. When Holmes was a child a gang of older children took him to a doctors office to scare him, because Holmes had a fear of the doctors. They forced him to view and touch a human skeleton. Instead of being frightened, though, he was extremely fascinated. He had an interest in medicine. He reportedly practiced surgery on animals. Later in life he attended the University of Michigan Medical School and graduated in 1884. After marrying his second wife, Holmes moved to Chicago. In Chicago he found Dr. E.S. Holton's drugstore. Holmes got a job from there and eventually bought the store. Holmes later purchased a lot across the street from the drugstore to build the "Murder Castle"(as it would be called by the public later). He would lure people, mainly women, inside this castle and torture and kill them there. Holmes was arrested in 1894 for life-insurance fraud. Through this investigation the police searched the castle and found the rooms where Holmes would torture and kill his victims. Holmes did confess to killing twenty-seven people. However, some estimates are said to be as high as 230 victims. On May 7, 1896 Holmes was hanged at the Philadelphia County Prison. What led H.H. Holmes to becoming a psychopath was the life-insurance fraud. Holmes helped out Benjamin Pitezel fake his own death so that his wife could collect the $10,000 policy. Pitezel's wife was to spilt the money

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