And Then There Were None Book Report

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“And Then There Were None” book report By Agatha Christie Characterization: Three major characters in this book are Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne and Emily Brent. Justice Wargrave is a wealthy and clever man. He is a retired judge and is prim and proper. He is also old. He is very clever. In the story he sets up the poem “10 Little Indian Boys”, where a person accused of a death that was visiting Indian Island died along with the poem. He is also very clever because he tricked everybody on Indian Island that he was dead so he could go along and kill every one more easily. The role Justice Wargrave plays in the story is the murderer. He sets up to have everybody accused of a murder meet at Indian Island for either a job or visiting old friends. When they arrived at Indian Island Justice Wargrave killed them one by one along with the “10 Little Indian Boys” poem. Vera Claythorne is a young lady who used to be a nanny for her boyfriend Hugo’s nephew, Cyril Hamilton. Vera was in love with Hugo and she was middle class. She also used to be a teacher. Vera was a nice person. In the story when Emily Brent tells Vera about how she turned away Beatrice Taylor from coming into her house because Beatrice had an “accident”, Vera was shocked that somebody could do such a thing. The role Vera plays in the story is the 10th little Indian who hangs themselves. She also helped kill the 9th little Indian because she assumed Philip Lombard was the murderer and shot him with his own relover. Emily Brent is also a main character. Emily Brent is prim and proper. She is old and middle class. She is very religious. In the story she said that Beatrice Taylor “sinned” by having an “accident.” In the story it said she read her bible regularly. The role Emily Brent played in the story was that she was accused of the death of Beatrice Taylor. Emily was then invited to vacation at Indian

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