Author Shawcross and Stress Disorders

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RUNNING HEAD: SHAWCROSS AND STRESS Author Shawcross and Stress Disorders March 16, 2010 Psychology 434-03 INTRODUCTION Every few minutes across the world a group of targeted individuals become murder victims. There are many reasons that people kill and become murderers, many of those issues resolve from psychological problems. Among the numbers of murderers many people become classified or known as serial killers. Our definition of a serial killer is a person that kills a number of people in order to receive gratification. Aurthor Shawcross is a well known serial killer of various types of victims but mainly prostitutes. Shawcross had family problems, post-traumatic stress disorder and all of these relate to the Four D’s which are: deviance, distress, dysfunctions and danger. |Demographic Information | |Name: Author John Shawcross/ “The Genesee River Killer” | |Age: 63 | |Gender: Male | |Ethnicity: Caucasian | |Family History: | |Arthur Shawcross was born on June 6, 1945 in Kittery, Main, shortly after he was born, he and his family moved to Watertown, New York. | |Upon settling, his behaviors

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