A College Athletes’ Income

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Athletes that play a division one sport in college have very busy weeks between their practices, games and academics. Division one college athletes have never been rewarded financially for all of their time and effort dedicated to their sport team. The only way athletes have been paid is in scholarships or clothing and equipment. Usually the scholarship is not covering their whole tuition so there is still a lot to pay for. It is very difficult to focus on school work, a division one sport and a job all at once. To help college students who play a sport the student should get paid. Being paid would have a very positive outcome for hard working athletes in many different aspects. Playing a division one college sport takes up most of the students’ time while they aren’t at classes. Between practices, weight lifting, running, watching film and games, a college athlete is always busy. These sports do not leave time for this student to get a job and try to pay off his or her debts. Most college athletes are focused on the team and putting all effort towards their sport. It is like having a full time job. During college, kids become adults and need to pay for their own things because their parents aren’t going to pay for them forever. Athletes may take out student loans and put themselves in debt. Paying college athletes would make them less dependent on their parents and more dependent to pay off their debts and for their own things. Not all college sports athletes have insanely busy schedules, but a lot do, like division one football or basketball players. Football and basketball are very popular and commonly watched sports around America. Both sports bring in a very large amount of money to the school. These students are playing on and off season to prepare. These athletes are preparing for their big games that fans love to pay and go watch. But when the fans stand
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