Do Pro Athletes Make To Much

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Do Pro Athletes Make to Enough Money? Many people believe that professional athletes make to much money. They are paid millions for just signing with a team. Then they have their yearly earnings. The big superstars of the teams also get bonus for scoring a touchdown, making a basket, making a goal, and getting on base. The fans want to watch a game in person not on television, but they can’t afford to go to the games because the ticket prices are too expensive, so they have to sit at home watching the game. Owners of team franchises have to pay their athletes so much because of the countless hours of hard work they put in year around. “Many athletes put in over 40 hours a week with practices, study, workouts, and game time” ( The countless hours over many years takes toll on their bodies is why they should make as much as they. Professional athletes get paid what they deserve. Professional athletes get paid millions every year, which they deserve much for many different reasons. They are subject to numerous injuries every year. The athletes are lucky to make it through a year with out being hurt and having to miss one game, if not more. Just like any other job they sacrifice their time away form their families, but they spend more time away from their families due to the fact that they have morning and night workouts. On game day they spend there whole day at the sports arena getting ready for the game. They also take trips that they spend over night, sometimes more than that. In contrast, they are getting paid more to be away from their families than the normal business people do. The money that they make is spent on many other things too. They own more then just one home. Many of them have homes in more then just the town that of the there team that they play for is located. They may own two homes in the town that they play for. They
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