Is College Debt Worth It?

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Is College Debt Worth It? We all grow up being exposed to the thought of college being full of parties, drinking, and a whole lot of sex. As a college student, I can attest that the exposure we’ve experienced is true, but there is one thing that the media has failed to mention: College debt is real and obtaining a degree doesn’t mean you’ll have employers throwing copious amounts of money at you. In the article “Debt Education: Bad for the Young, Bad for America”, written by Jeffrey J. Williams, data shows that tuition has increased at roughly three times the rate of inflation. Inflation aside, this means college is getting more expensive. Unless your parents are wealthy enough to pay for your tuition or you worked your tail off to receive a full-ride scholarship, more often than not, you have to take out student loans to fund your education. As a result of the high price tag of getting an education, many graduates struggle when faced with the trouble of paying off that huge debt. It’s no longer a right to attend higher education. To many, myself included, attending college is now a luxury. Like any luxury, one must ask themselves: Is it worth it? Is going into debt worth getting a degree? We’re paying for a lot more than just a piece of paper that says we were able to withstand years of tedious work. We’re also paying for the opportunity to become independent and create memories that will last us a lifetime, also known as living on campus. Is that “college experience” worth it? Well, nobody likes being in debt. I don’t, you don’t, and I’m pretty sure nobody is excited about the fact that they owe someone else money, but the truth of the matter is, going into debt in exchange for a college degree and the experience is worth it in the long run financially. While it may be worth the cost, there are ways students can minimize their debt by actually stepping back

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