College Athletes Shouldnt Be Paid To Play

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Karon Gibson English 12 Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play? College athletes should not be paid to play sports because most athletes are attending college on full or partial scholarship and receive financial aid packages. This money is basically paying the students to study. Student athletes do bring greater part of the money into the school but most of the money is spent on them to. Paying athletes to play would create a huge gap in college sports because of the ability to pay more at the bigger schools. The title XI would make it so that all college players have to be paid equally. That would create a problem that they cannot pay all students athletes. That would call for some college sports to be cut and that is taking away opportunities for people. The first thing that these student athletes should be worrying about is there academics and with all the extra money they would get for playing would break their concentration and create more nationally know problems in the college sports world. Most of these players have the big goal of playing professional sport. This is still a pipe dream to those who aren’t stars, with a few exceptions. So therefore these student athletes should focus on their academics before they worry about getting paid to play. They don’t need the pay because they are there on scholarship or other types of pay that is keeping them in the school. At the smaller school they also find money and financial aid packages for them to be able to afford their school. The schools that have more success get rewarded for it. Which helps every school in there conference. “For example, Indiana, which didn't make it to a bowl last season, collected $1.5 million from Big Ten Conference revenue sharing.” (By Steve Wieberg, USA TODAY “Bowl Games Can Prove To Be Costly”) So it wouldn’t be fair to pay athletes because every school doesn’t make

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