Do You Think the Cost of College Is Too High?

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Kianna Williams December 16th, 2012 Do you think the cost of college is too high? A lot of people might disagree with me but, I believe the cost of colleges is too high. The college education however, is essential but a bit too expensive. People feel so squeezed between the cost and the necessity. At the same time, public colleges complain that they are being squeezed by declining state support and increasing pressure to educate larger number of less prepared students. College costs too much due to the Faculty lack of power. I believe the cost of colleges is too high and my reason for that is because, the institution’s labor cost per student is basically the sum of wages and benefits divided up by the number of students. The cost per student goes up as wages and as benefit go up, or as the ratio of staff to students rises. When that ratio goes down, productivity increases, and the cost can go down, even if wages and benefits go up. Staff to student ratios, then, the key to understanding higher education cost. College cost must be lowered. Tuition should definitely be lowered, when you have students all over the world taking out student loans to cover of cost of tuition then that should tell administration that it’s just too high. I do understand that is cost a lot of money to run a college. When you think about even the smallest things such as electricity for the whole campus, water, lighting for each building and room, and the staff of the university all has to be paid, so that there is a major cost. But then universities give out scholarships and I’m sure that is given out, that cost for that person’s attendance is dispersed among everyone else who is paying to attend. Therefore, I believe college cost must be lowered. The reason why what I’m claiming is true is because the average graduate a couple years back walked away from university

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