Financial Aid For College Students

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Financial Aid for College Students Desi Curry Everest Online University ENC1101-111 Financial Aid for College Students Many people say that they cannot attend college because they can’t pay for it. I can agree that college can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to make college affordable. The average cost of a private, four-year College is well over $20,000 per academic year. (, 1999-2011) Divide this figure in half and you have the average tuition for a public university; in half again, the still formidable tuition at a community college. (, 1999-2011) This can be overwhelming to some people and be a stumbling block for furthering their education. There are ways to overcome this and be able to further your education. Most people think that they just have to fill out a financial aid form and then have to take out a loan for anything that is not covered with financial aid. With doing this people get the education they want but then have to work two or more jobs to pay back the loan. One way of overcome this is to do research. Parents who hope to afford college for their children when the time comes around are better off researching options than simply trying to save more money for education. [ (Insider, 2011) ] Having options will make it better to decide how much you will spend for college. For example, it may be cheaper to go to a community college than a university. Now that the research and financial aid is done you now know how much you have to come out of pocket with. You also have options to cover this amount. There are plenty of scholarships that can help with these expenses. Once again it’s all about the research. Truth is there are scholarships designed for almost every type of student. The key: take the time to search for the scholarships that best suit you. (, 1977 - 2011) There are

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